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Quiz Answers 

A. The spell you need in your life is the Hearth and Home Decluttering Spell! A fairy classic, this spell invites pixies into your home. They love stealing tiny items like pieces of flint and tattered socks. To them, such clutter is pure treasure! The night after your friendly invitation, pixies will flutter into your home and tidy up while you’re not looking. But be warned: if you recite the spell while facing north, you are sure to invite gremlins instead, who are known for wreaking unforgivable havoc. Crashing plates, muddy footprints, torn curtains…’Tis a nightmare.


To cast the spell, recite the following words outside while facing east, west, or south:

Oh pixies, shall you come visit today? My hearth is yours, just make this mess go ’way!


B. The spell you need in your life is Romancing the Heart. This spell is incredibly finicky, with a high likelihood of going awry. If you intend for your dearest love to return your affection, you may, by chance, cast the spell on your wardrobe. And nobody likes an overly emotional wardrobe. Or, saints forbid, a piano. It will play you lovesick tunes until your ears fall off (a possible side effect of casting this spell). If you are not yet deterred, take note: you must cast this spell twice at twilight and twice at dusk. Stand in a circle of rose petals and recite the following: 


Thy heart is thus beguiled by my love; with hoodwinked eyes and snarled mind, deceit and magic intertwine. This guise as you can see makes me the one whose love you seek.


C. The spell you need in your life is the Fortune Spell! Highly complicated and advanced, this old Avalonian spell of good fortune will turn your luck around. It’s best to say it under the full moon. Do not repeat it, or you risk reversing your fortune!


In old Avalonian, the spell is, “Lashansesse.” For extra luck, keep lavender in your room.


D. The spell you need in your life is the Mood Enhancer! This fairy healing spell is perfect for whenever you need a pick-me-up. For best results, repeat this three times beneath bright sunshine, followed by indulging in your favorite delicious fruit snack. Strawberry banana smoothies are particularly helpful.


Be gone with thee, unwanted gloom, go ’way. Farewell and let us live a healthy day.


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